Reputation is a big part of being an entrepreneur. Whether it is your personal brand or that of your business, today’s digital world means that you need to know what people are saying about you online. Beyond that, you need to control it as much as possible.

As a reputation management professional through Deimira Paa Baidoo Reputation Management, I am experienced in repairing damaged brands and strengthening good reputations. Here are 5 ideas to consider when building your own reputation management strategy.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation management is the practice of actively managing your online presence. While many businesses do not consider their reputation until faced with a negative review or upset social media poster, the best way to keep customers trusting in your brand is to start now with these tips:

  • Know What People Are Saying – Monitor your reviews, social media profiles, and company name in search results. You can’t fix what people are saying if you don’t know about it.
  • React Fast – Letting a criticism go unanswered creates a communication void that your customers will fill. Provide a professional and timely response, and keep it polite. Time and time again, it has been proven that aggressive or insulting replies do not work with customers.
  • Be Transparent – Customers will quickly find out if you have lied or hidden information, and the results will be far worse. Be honest about your mistakes, challenges, and what actions you are taking to fix them.
  • Take Down Inaccuracies – Some reviews or website content is inaccurate. In these cases, you can often work with the review aggregator, social media platform, or search engine to get it removed.
  • Implement SEO – This is a more advanced technique, but a valuable one. Search engine optimization makes it so that the websites and profiles you control always appear as the top search results for your name and keywords. If negative content exists, SEO can make it harder for people to find .

These tips apply to both new and existing entrepreneurs. Essentially, it is never too early to cultivate trust in your brand. Likewise, it is never too late to fix a misstep if your reputation has suffered from negative criticism.

If you need additional assistance in restoring your online reputation as an entrepreneur, learn more about the services I offer at

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