Solar paneling is one of today’s most lucrative markets as homeowners and businesses make efforts to “go green.” But it is also a market with heavy competition. If you’ve decided to start a solar panel business, use these ideas from Deimira Paa Baidoo Solar Panel Installation to make your company a success:

  • Know What You’re Selling – Solar panels are an industry that includes selling associated equipment, distribution, installation, and maintenance. Some companies will offer all services, but many specialize. Find what is most needed in your specific area.
  • Research Your Market – Solar is becoming more popular, but markets are all in different stages of adoption. Research yours to guide your business strategy, pricing, target customers, and potential expenses.
  • Set Up a Business – Register your business, get any necessary licenses, set up bank accounts, get business insurance, and determine how you will manage taxes. Requirements will vary by area.
  • Build Brand Recognition – With your business set up, you need to connect with your customers. How you do this will depend on who your customers are, but a website, local advertising, and an active sales strategy will help.
  • Become a Social Panel Expert – If you are not already an expert, you will want to start building your knowledge of solar panels from the beginning. This will help your customers to trust your company and also give you options to share that knowledge and simultaneously promote your brand.

As an installer of residential solar panels in Calgary and an eco-friendly home developer, Deimira Paa Baidoo has experience with the challenges and opportunities running a solar panel company can offer. For more assistance in starting your own business, contact us. You can also learn more about residential solar panel services in Calgary, Canada at

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