Every business is guided by goals – profit, global impact, local impact, growth, innovation. A successful startup identifies their goals and lays out a plan for achieving them. Along the way, the company must choose the right tools, people, and strategies.

A leader is the same. Know your goals, know your people, and choose the right path to become a competitive entrepreneur in your industry.

Wherever you or your business is on the path to success, insight from an experienced leader is instrumental in shaping your approach and mitigating risks. I work with individuals, organizations, companies, and groups to help them grow both professionally and financially.

Speaking Engagements

My engaging talks are fitting for small groups and large audiences alike, providing unique insight for attendees to take away from your event. I ground my talks in my real world experiences in the business world, providing relevant ideas and tangible examples for community leaders.

I can speak on topics from leadership to launching a startup and investing to sustainability. A primary focus in my speaking is inspiring entrepreneurs and giving them the knowledge to lead in their fields. For this reason, I most often speak at:

  • Conferences
  • Networking Event
  • Business Retreats

Whatever your event, I can partner with you to provide your attendees with impactful ideas and strategies they can take back to their careers.

Coaching and Mentoring

For those entering the business world or leaders looking to strengthen their skills, I am a respected mentor who can help you formalize and achieve your goals. We discuss your challenges, successes, and opportunities as we work to build your leadership qualities.

My coaching methods are derived from personal experience as an entrepreneur myself. This means that you receive practical, tested guidance, not theoretical ideas. Years of growing my professional network also allows me to provide resources to you in our mentor relationship.

Strategy Sessions

If your business is embarking on a new challenge, going in with the right strategy is essential to realizing your results. This is true whether you are launching a startup or bring your own years of experience. Outside insight that is grounded in real business experience can help you draft a plan that avoids risks and capitalizes on opportunities.

You decide the purpose of your strategy session. In general, each session is a chance to discuss your short and long term plans and define the steps you will take. We might also discuss your clients, methods for growing your business, marketing strategies, mission statements, product development, and more.

These short sessions are an individually scheduled opportunity to get input on your strategy, or create a new strategy from the ground up. This investment in your business now helps guarantee your success later on.

Partner with Deimira Paa Baidoo

If you manage a blog or magazine, organization, or company also dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed, there is potential for a partnership. I work with like-minded professionals in the field to:

  • Create expert content for your blog or magazine, whether online or offline.
  • Work with your company to develop unique and dedicated training material.
  • Speak at your show, product launch, or event.

These are only some of the ways we can work together. If you have alternative ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me.